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Rapid access to a foreign market requires finding the right representative. G&G Exchange drastically reduces your start-up costs and risks in a foreign market by removing entry barriers. Our experienced teams use proven strategic business intelligence techniques, effective regional interest representation methods all being combined with on-site customer support and consultations.

Cultural intricacies and nuances are valuable assets. At G&G Exchange, we transform current cultural disadvantages into competitive advantages: the local cultures become your ally! Our teams have extensive experiences in launching new international ventures, opening foreign offices or negotiating with governments and administrations in South American, North American and European countries in representing both SMEs and large multinational companies.

G&G Exchange is your gateway to Europe, South America, and the world. Working with private and public sector partners, we can develop and implement your international expansion strategies. We are able to act as your regional sales agent -or virtual office- in various cities in the United States, Mexico and Canada. We are able to operate under your company’s name and identity to enhance brand continuity and mask the nature of your initial expansion.

A low risk and profitable entry mode to an unfamiliar market:

  • Identifying potential distributors and buyers
  • Pursuing and presenting joint ventures and equity partners
  • Developing marketing and public affairs campaigns
  • Offering advocacy and interest representation
  • Performing location scouting for operational bases and offices
  • Undertaking business and trade missions
  • Attending trade shows in a representative capacity

About G&G Exchange

International Expansion, G&G Exchange is an International Business Service Provider based in The Netherlands bi-laterally positioned to help expand your business from Europe - Latin America to the World markets. 

Trade Representation, G&G is structured as an umbrella organization to engage in international business trade, brand representation; as well as, franchise, license and concept management.

Cultural Exchange, G&G brings to the community a new set of cultural exchange opportunities in the art, fashion, beauty, and networking industry with a range of concepts that entertain, educate and informs the community with positive massages and values.

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