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About us

About us

As content providers and event organizers, we work with many tourism organizations and destination marketers around the world creating engaging reality TV content and interactive applications to link viewers with the country’s most visited attractions. Read More
What we do

What we do

We produce events and content centered in the destination and travel industry delivered to viewers through TV Reality Production, Mobile Technology and Interactive Engagement Platforms. Read More
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G&G Exchange constituted Multiverse Ventueres Bv, with the purpose of separating investment assets of the TV program I AM MULTIVERSE from the activities of MISS MULTIVERSE live envents.

Multiverse Ventures BV owns all media rights of the TV program I AM MULTIVERSE TV. Shares of Multiverse Ventures BV are held by G&G Exchange Bv and Black Lion Rising Invesments Ltd, and form the Trust's entire assets.

Multiverse Ventures Bv, strategy is focused on the exploitation of the Multiverse Trade Mark and acquiring significant conversion rates and revenues from the exposure of products and services, with the objective of increasing long-term shareholder value.

When selecting partners or investment candidates, Multiverse Ventures BV emphasizes on the candidates potential of playing an active role as a shareholder and/or board member.

Please visit our website for more information: www.multiverse-ventures.com