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Hilco offers a complete and extremely varied range of welding consumables

Hilco offers a complete and extremely varied range of welding consumables for unalloyed and low alloyed steel, aluminium and non ferrous metals. Reputable inspection and certification organisations such as Lloyds Register, ABS, DNV and TüV have been testing our products for years, as well as verifying and certifying the quality. That is how the Hilco brand, which can be recognised by the familiar green colour, got its reputation for quality and rock-solid service.

Hilco has been developing, producing and distributing top-quality welding consumables for over 90 years. Our products are used in more than 100 countries worldwide in a whole range of sectors, from the offshore industry to transport and crane building.

Shipbuilding and offshore technology

Hilco supplies a complete package of welding consumables for the welding of modern construction steels, stainless steels, high strength steels, non-ferrous metals and aluminium alloys.

The following products are examples used in this sector: Hilcord 30 and 30C, Hilcord 52, Red Extra, Regina 150, Basic Super, Basic, Basic 55, Almg 4.5 Mn and Bronsil.


We provide a wide range of products to the construction sector, including organizations in bridge building, civil engineering and container fabrication. We would be more than happy to tell you more about these products, so that you can choose the appropriate welding consumables. The following products are examples used in this sector: Red Extra, Basic, Basic Super, K60, Hilcord 30 and 30C, Hilcord 52 and SG Corten.

Chemical and petrochemical products

Total reliability is an absolute requirement in the construction of components for the chemical industry. Hilco offers a complete package of welding consumables, expertise and experience necessary for this sector.

Transport and crane building

The trend in this sector is to use lighter and lighter metal varieties, both for financial and environmental reasons. Hilco is responding effectively to this tendency by developing welding consumables for high strength steels. The following are examples of products used in this sector: K80 and Hilcord 59(M).

Machine assembly

The requirements applying to the construction of complex machines and power stations are becoming more and more stringent with regard to reliability, safety and environmental compatibility. In addition, the output and capacity continue to increase. This makes developing and producing innovative welding consumables that can withstand the strictest selection criteria a challenge for us. The following are examples of products used in this sector: Basic Super, Basic, B12Mo, B19CrMo, B20CrMo, SGMo, SG CrMo1 and SG CrMo2.

Repair and maintenance

Repairing a machine is often less expensive than replacing a part. For this reason, repair welding is widely used in foundries and steel factories, for earthmoving-, agriculture- and horticulture equipment, mining, cane sugar, railway, cement and glass industries, brick factories and palm oil refineries. The following are examples of products used in this sector: Hilchrome 307 R, Hilchrome 312 R, Hardmelt 600, Sugarhard, Pure Nickel, Nickel Iron, Bronsil and Hilcostel.

Special projects

In addition to the sectors mentioned, we of course also offer products for more specific applications in our field. For example, we sell various types of brazing for refrigeration and cold storage applications. Bronze C was developed specially for the bicycle and furniture-making industries. Finally, we also deliver welding machines, carbon gouging rods, tungsten electrodes, anti-spatter spray, soapstones and ceramic backing strips.


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