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LAM Laboratories

LAM Laboratories is a pharmaceutical company based and established in the Dominican Republic

LAM Laboratories

LAM Laboratories is a pharmaceutical company based and established in the Dominican Republic since 1983, which arises as a need to encourage domestic production. Formally established by its founder with the name APPLICATIONS MEDICAL LABORATORIES, SA. Within the first three years the organization reached its first phase, with the production of liquid drugs. In 1986 the organization continue expanding manufacturing solid drugs, pills and capsules. 

From 1990 to 1995 the Laboratory developed and introduced about 80 new products to the market. One of the main lines developed in this period was the Cardiovascular.

In 1998 an agreement was signed with the Italian company Scobyto-Pharmaceutical to introduce to the country products such as antifungal, anti-inflammatories and antibiotics.

Currently, LAM Laboratories, is within the five most important domestic pharmaceutical companies in the country.

LAM Laboratories, has more than 80 pharmaceutical specialties, and every year many others are introduced to keep pace with the constant evolution of the global pharmaceutical market. Our company seeks to offer the Dominican Republic the latest in pharmaceutical products for the various segments that make up our market, offering a life response to our customers by means of working with the highest standards of quality.

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