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A premium portal for the pageant and glamour industry!


We offer a window with a comprehensive view of the Netherlands world of pageantry for the international community while simultaneously providing our local networks, finalist and sponsors a perspective of the history, prominence, social impact and intercontinental reach of our industry.

 As the first and newest portal for The Netherlands we hope to be able to provide a professional and great base for all those who have an interest – whether you’re looking to take part in your first ever pageant, or you’re looking for the one’s in your area, this is the place! We are also building a portfolio of pageant & glamor related businesses and events in the Netherlands, so that future pageant princesses & queens can find everything they need in one place!

The Portals Technology & Design.

Our portal is designed for clean and fast loading content Management; Pageants.nl, is feature packed with some of the hottest advancements in CSS styling including CSS3 shadowing control. Pagenat.nl, is ultimate site for Magazines, News Portals, Fashion and Design Showcases,Communities, Blogs and virtually anything you can dream up! The multiple styles and region and column control create much more than just a basic website.