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The dynamic nature of modern business relationships are punctuated by the interconnectedness between individuals, companies, markets and institutions; business leaders have recognized the importance of developing sustainable “bridges” into different market places and regions of the World. Through our services  and business network you will be able to find the right partner, minimize costs and take better decisions in order to increase profits.

Product licensing & representation

G&G exchange is tailored to introduce, position and represent brands and products in new regions; our main markets are in Europe, Latin America and we continue to expand worldwide. G&G brings together a pool of brands from other countries seeking to expand in to new markets, our main goal is to become the primary partners of these brands or to connect them with members of our network.

Brand management

G&G exchange offers, online branding, internet brand management and Reputation Management services for keyword positions in Local to global listings with social media, networks, publishing RSS, video and more.

Our portfolio of talented models provide media exposure and are available for marketing campaigns, we help our clients, sponsors and partners manage their organization's brand and help establish major milestones for long-term growth.

Event management

Under the slogan "Art, beauty & Networking" G & G Exchange offers and participates in a wide range of social events and produces its own exclusive and executive events with an attractive twist of art fashion and beauty.

Management & licensing events in the beauty industry

G&G Exchange provides pageant licensing from our international pageant Mrs. Multiverse. G&G Exchange holds the Dutch license of many other pageants from other countries representing The Netherlands. Our service creates opportunities for models in our network and becomes the marketing matrix of our organization.

Model management & Celebrity branding

G & G Exchange creates new talents providing a mother contract to represent models for fashion runway, fashion/editorial print, catalog, beauty and commercial print modeling as well as TV. We connect new faces and models with scouts, international modeling agencies and model photographers.

Within our shows we provide opportunities for upcoming celebrities; within our plan is to create a portfolio of talents, part of the plan is to partner with a recording studio able to benchmark with us and install equipment in our facilities.

Non profit and charitable services

G & G Exchange gives back to the community with our two charities; The LAKMA museum and The Women Empowerment foundation, both charities give back to our stakeholders as much as we give to the community, these charities run at a low cost budget and generate large tangible results in education and life improvement.

The Women Empowerment Foundation is an umbrella foundation devoted solely to empower women and raise funds for diverse charitable purposes.

The LAKMA museum is a project of the Gausachs art foundation, it provides a free of charge exhibition space for artist as well as a location for social events.