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Risk mitigation in international business is all about local relationships and competitive insights. G&G Exchange has developed a strong network of in-field analysts through its dealings with highly successful companies and a broad range of business relevant government institutions.

Product licensing & representation

G&G exchange is tailored to introduce, position and represent brands and products in new regions; our main markets are in Europe, Latin America and we continue to expand worldwide. G&G brings together a pool of brands from other countries seeking to expand in to new markets, our main goal is to become the primary partners of these brands or to connect them with members of our network.

G&G Exchange is able to provide you with tailored country analysis

Our reports will give you the full picture of what you company needs to know in order to be successful in the country or region of interest. Accuracy of information’s essential to allow managers to make sound business decisions. Our analyses are generated through in-field and on-site visits. We comprehensively explore a wide range of data sources in order to produce detailed management reports to present to your strategic decision makers. G&G Exchange delivers dynamic country appraisals focused on four main components:

• We want your business to register a marked increase competitiveness.
• We will minimize your risk
• We can facilitate your company’s business goals in an internationalized environment.

• We will help you grow without damaging valuable assets.
• We can facilitate the acquisition and internalization of specific expertise that will allow you to transform the challenges of unfamiliar markets into new long-term advantages!
• We are able to position you to leverage these new market opportunities into bottom-line results.

• We want you to feel confident and safe in the steps that are to be taken.
• We are an organization where personal contact with our clients is something core to our long-term relationship building with you.
• We will present you with the most advantageous business opportunities.
• We are only happy to share our region-specific knowledge with a long-term view to our client relationships.